Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Power of Raw Milk

There is something very Laura Ingalls Wilder about being able to meet the local farmer who feeds you and your family. My husband and I belong to a local buyers club, and the Amish farmers I’ve met over the years are earnest, hard-working, simple family folk. In fact, they often bring their children with them on their dairy run to NYC and have them help package the orders. If the delicious taste of their fresh, locally grown organic food isn’t enough, seeing the beaming, round face of a 7 year old Amish boy proudly hand over your order makes the entire experience profoundly satisfying. Through our membership, we basically own a share in a cow in Pennsylvania Amish country. Twice a month our farmer deliveries his raw milk orders to NYC. His dairy farm produces delicious and nutritious raw milk, raw cream, raw cheese, kefir, yogurt, organic eggs. Often the farmer also has local organic meats such as beef, sausage, bacon, chicken and pork. 

Now when I talk about Going Green, my friends and colleagues nod along with me on why we should drive hybrids, eat organic foods and unplug our cell phone chargers when not in use but when it comes to consuming Raw Milk, they just shake their heads and wonder what I’m up to this time. I’d like to explain the secret power of Raw Milk as it can have an enormous impact on the health of you and your children.

Raw Milk is safe and good for you and your family if the farmer takes proper care of his cows, the milking and delivery process.  Raw Milk contains multiple bioactive components that can reduce pathogenic bacteria. Simply said, though many of us fear raw milk, it can actually protect your body from dangerous bacteria. One of the reasons why doctors recommend that women breast feed their children is because of the natural Lactoperoxidase found in human breast milk. Lactoperoxidase seeks out and destroys bad bacteria. Animal milk like goat’s milk has 10 times the level of Lactoperoxidase than in breast milk. 

For those of you who seek more detail, raw animal milk contains dozens of bacteria fighting components such as Lactoferrin, Polysaccharides, Medium-Chain Fatty Acids, Enzymes, Anitbocides, White blood cells, B-lymphocytes, Macrophages, Neutophils, T-lymphocyes, Lysosyme, Mucins, Oligosaccharides, B12 Binding Protein, Bifidus and Fibronectin. All of these components are actively fighting bacteria when consumed raw but are made inactive when milk is pasteurized. In fact, pasteurization provides virtually no bacteria fighting protection. 

So why should you care? You have the power to use the power of raw milk to protect you and your family from dangerous bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella. If you want to read more about this subject from scientific sources follow these links: http://www.realmilk.com/, http://www.westonaprice.org/ and http://www.westonaprice.org/children/rawmilk.html.

Unfortunately access to Raw Milk is limited due to legal restrictions. If you want to know where to find Raw Milk in your area check out this link. While access to Raw Milk isn’t easy for everyone, we find that it is truly worth the extra effort.