Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Eco-Staycation

Ah July…the perfect time to get away and escape the stress of the eleven other months of the year. Typically, my husband and I take a week to ten days off this time of year and travel locally to Shelter Island, Nantucket or the Catskills. This year a variety of reasons kept us in NYC watching our pennies.

So to make the best of it, I planned my five day “staycation” to escape my day-to-day routine and pretend I was visiting a fabulous eco-spa.

Day One:
To get myself in the mood, I visited Priti Organic Spa in the lower east side of NYC. Since I rarely journey to this part of town, just wandering around this neighborhood felt like an adventure. It was a quick trip on the L train and then a short walk, on a gloriously beautiful day, to this special spa. Priti is an environmentally friendly spa that uses only organic products such as Pangea Organics, Stella McCartney’s all organic skin care line CARE and Dr. Alkaitis holistic skin food. Their facialist, Elina, took great care with my skin and made me look and feel radiant.

Next Marie treated me to an organic manicure and pedicure in a bamboo basin with floating flowers and no chemical, non- toxic nail polish. Priti’s eco-friendly, organic Priti nail polish comes in tons of standard and hip colors. How relaxing to go to a nail salon and not have to ingest toxic chemicals!

Day Two:
The food at an eco-spa is supposed to be fabulous, right? So off to Whole Foods I walk for some ready made organic treats and produce – who wants to cook on their vacation? Luxuriating in my open schedule, I explore Whole Body for an hour picking out organic bath soaks and mud wraps.

Day Three:
Time to try my in home spa treatments…I started with a good soak in Masada dead sea mineral salts - a combination of Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium that does eases both mind and body. Then my Ahava dead sea mineral mud wrap proved to be the messiest and most fun treatment. First you get the mud warm and then you slather it all over your body and let it dry for 15 minutes. You are literally wearing dark gray mud and as it cakes, your skin tightens. After a thorough rinse in the shower, I was ready for a deep nap as the toxics were sucked out of my now smooth and relaxed body.

Later I wrapped my hair in a warm organic olive oil drenched towel and let it penetrate into my roots. Another shower…

Day Four:
Feeling balanced again, I turned off my cell phone, settled into my favorite club chair in the sunniest room in our apartment and curled up with a good book. I didn’t move all day to do anything besides make more Numi organic green tea.

Day Five:
I woke up late to the sound of heavy rain and thought hmmm…what does one do on vacation when it rains? Send postcards? So I saved myself some paper and stamps and emailed individual notes to 10 of my good friends.

Then it was back to my book, my bed and my last day of bliss.

While I don’t have any vacation photos worth framing and even fewer mosquito bites, I did achieve my goal of escaping my routine and rejuvenating my body and soul in the most eco-friendly ways possible.
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