Thursday, January 1, 2015

Healthy Inside and Out

I learned the importance of what we put into and on our bodies the hard way. How different beauty products, personal care products, and foods have the power to heal or harm. Ultimately how making healthier choices enabled me to feel better and age well. 

The most common reasons women seek a healthier lifestyle are when diagnosed with a serious illness or pregnancy. These life altering occasions force us to look at our choices and reexamine how we will conduct ourselves differently in the future. 

In my case, I had serious medical problems starting in high school. Fainting spells, severe migraines and blackouts led me to specialists seeking a solution. As I headed off to college, I still didn’t have an official diagnosis but the suggested treatment was to take preventive action. My prescribed diet: no aged cheese, no chocolate, no food with preservatives and no red wine. It wasn't easy to live this way especially when I ate in my college cafeteria and lived in the dorms. I was sick more often than not and knew that I could black out at any minute. In my late 20s, my medical episodes happened less frequently and doctors concluded I had a hormonal imbalance despite inclusive testing.

It wasn't until I met my husband, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez MD, at age 34 and went on his nutritional program that I saw all of my symptoms go away. My husband created a customized protocol for me, like the ones he has created for thousands of others to treat their cancer and other degenerative diseases, often successfully. My new diet: organic produce and meat, and a variety of supplements designed to provide the essential nutrients that were deficient, plus a detox program including the adoption of nontoxic, organic beauty, personal care and home cleaning products. 

Living this healthy lifestyle has cured my migraines and blackouts AND made my hair shine and my skin glow. The program has a powerful anti-aging effect. On my path to lead a green lifestyle, I studied and experimented with many different ways of eliminating toxins from my food, personal care products and home. I made plenty of mistakes along the way and hope to share those learnings while inviting you to add your own solutions to leading a healthier, more beautiful life. 
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